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Month Subject
April Denmark is occupied by german forces in "Operation Weserübung".
A temporary heavy AA-battery is the placed on the cape.
The foundations for the 17 cm. guns (1/MAA 118) is commenced south of Hanstholm.
September The decision of placing four heavy 38 cm guns in Hanstholm is taken by Hitler.
October The position of the 38 cm battery is decided.
November Building the big emplacements for the 38 cm guns is commenced.


Month Subject
January A heavy 7,5 cm AA-battery is the placed to protect the construction site.
February "Marine Artillerie Abteilung 118 (MAA 118) is formed.
The contruction work is delayed due to the hard winter.
Building the Fire Control bunker for 2/MAA 118 is started.
Another six 2,0 cm AA guns is placed to protect the area around 2/MAA 118.
April The first two 38 cm guns barrels arrives at the construction site.
May Gun number 3 and 4 is declared "Ready to Fire !!".
An Infantery company of 250 men from the german army is attached to 2/MAA 118 for close protection.
June Campagn against Soviet Union is started under the codename "Operation Barbarossa".
July The last two 38 cm gun barrels arrives.
A radar type FuMO 2 for fire control support is placed.
August Gun number 1 and 2 in the battery is declared "Ready to Fire !!".
September Shooting practice with alle four guns in 2/MAA 118.
October Additional four 3,7 cm AA guns is placed in the area around 2/MAA 118.
December The fire control bunker for 2/MAA 118 is reported operational.


Month Subject
March Hitler issues "Führerbefehl 40" regarding that the costal defence shall be kept at any price.
August The first houses in Hansted are cleared and the inhabitants are relocated.
November The german forces demands that all houses in Hansted to be cleared.


Month Subject
August The cooperation between the danish government and the occupying german forces collapses and the government resigns. The cooperation with the german forces is now solely maintained by danish civil servants. 
November Hitler issues "Führerbefehl 51" where the invasion defences gets first priority.
December GFM Rommel inspects the "Atlantic Wall" in Denmark and also "Verteidigungsbereich Hansted".


Month Subject
June The allied forces starts the invasion of Europe in Normandy, France. 
July An assassination attempt against Hitler in "Wolfs Lair", Rastenburg fails.


Month Subject
May The german forces in Holland, Northwest Germany and Denmark capitulates. 
June The mine sweeping in the Thy area starts.
August Mine sweeping in Thy area is completed.


Month Subject
June The installations is being dismantled of all useful equipment and weapons.
The evacuated inhabitants are allowed to return to their houses in Hansted again.


Month Subject
July The decision to scrap the 38 cm batteries is taken and the work to do so begins.


Month Subject
August The scrap of the 38 cm batteries is completed and all the iron parts is sold.


Month Subject
March Building the documentation center is started and is planned to be finished in summer 2002.


Month Subject
June The documentation center is opened by Her Majesty Queen Margrethe 2.


Month Subject
December The "Tuborg Fundation" funds the transport of  a 38 cm gun barrel from "Tøjhusmuseet" in Copenhagen to Museumscenter Hanstholm.


Month Subject
May The 38 cm gun barrel is moved from Copenhagen to Hanstholm.
June The 38 cm gun barrel is inaugurated on its new location.

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